secured and unsecured business loans for any purpose
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  • We offer Business Loan and Financial Services
  • Based on Monthly Revenue and Time In Business
  • Fix and Flip Financing for investors
  • Offering Rental Loans for investors who are looking to purchase a property
  • renovate it
  • and keep it as a buy and hold investment

We provide business loan and financial services to U.S. small businesses nationwide.

What features make a business great? Whether its the ability to provide quality services and products or properly marketing products while mitigating costs, its a constant financial balancing act. Those that have a proper understanding of the finance side of the business never fail to recognize the importance of proper financing options. Regardless of product or service a companys resources are never unlimited. By understanding business finances, organizations are much more likely to succeed in a high competition market.

Complete these simple steps and get started today:
1. After completing the application you will receive a call or email from your personal loan consultant
2. Investors will receive an instant quote and lock in their rate after finalizing the application
3. Pay the property appraisal fee
4. You will then be setup with a personal closing agent
5. File submitted for approval
6. Loan Closes

Fix n Flip Finance

 For Investors looking to buy discounted properties, repair them and flip/sell for profit

  • Townhouses

  • Condominiums

  • 2-4 Unit Properties

  • Single Family Residence (SFR)

Documents Required:
1. 2 months of banking statements
2. List of properties owned(REO)
3.Last 2 years tax returns
4.Renovation Budget
5.Sales Contract
6. Articles of Incorporation- articles/certificate of formation and operating agreement
7. Drivers License
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Rehab to Rent Finance

You have the ability to use the same lender for multiple deals

  • 30-Year rental loan option

  • Fixed-Rate

  • 2-4 Unit Properties

  • Rates as low as 5.89%

Combine Your Fix and Flip Loan with Rental Loans for a Bundled Investment Deal


After qualifying for the fix and flip loan and when the renovations are complete, you can roll it into a 30-Year Fixed-Rate Rental Loan.

You will benefit from the competitive rates and quick approval process. One loan officer and closing agent to help you every step of the way.

After applying to the fix and flip loan and when the renovations are complete, roll it into a 30-Year Fixed-Rate Rental Loan.

* Single Family & 2-4 Unit Properties

*Closings in weeks not months

*No W-2s required

*Up to 80% LTV (minimum loan $75K)

*3/1, 5/1 and 7/1 ARM Rental Loans

*30-Year Fixed-Rate Rental Loan

*Rates as low as 5.89%

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Unsecured Business Revenue Loans

Up to $200,000 for qualified business owners. Fast funding within 2-3 days.

  • Business Expansion

  • Equipment Purchase

  • Hire Staff

  • Marketing

Working Capital Business Loans for small business owners seeking money for any need. We are considered a Non-Bank, “boutique lender”. Serving small business owners nation-wide, from construction companies to restaurants we provide our clients with capital, without the gouging broker fees and high setup costs.

Must be in business for at least 1 Year and making monthly bank deposits of 15k minimum. A simple completed assessment form is needed to begin the process, why wait 90 days for traditional finance

Applying for a working capital business loan should be an easy process.

We offer the finance you need to grow or expand your business.

Small businesses are important to us and are vital to the U.S. Economy.

Apply for immediate consideration.

Typical finance scenarios and industries include:

  • Working Capital Loans

  • Transportation Business Financing

    • Rehab to Rent Finance

    • Rental Finance

    • Fix N Flip Finance

    • Construction Business Financing

    • Dentistry Business Financing

    • Medical Business Financing

      • Automotive Business Financing

      • Bar Nightclub Financing

      In some cases borrowers come back for more finance and receive lower rates and better finance terms. If interested in acquiring funding fill out the form below.

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