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What is Bitcoin?

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Bitcoin is one of the hottest investments in the world. As Bitcoin trading continues to evolve, it is also being linked with another popular?investment market, Forex, which involves the trading of crypto-currencies on Forex exchanges.

Bitcoin Strategy Guide Below

Cryptocurrency payments are sent and received peer-to-peer without having a central based repository or administrator, which has led the US Treasury to label?bitcoin as a form of property. However, recently 54 countries adopted Bitcoin as an official currency.

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The U.S. Dollar is in trouble, finance experts say the market crash of 2008 was just the beginning of a much worse case scenario. One of the best investments to hedge against shrinking dollar value and hyperinflation is Bitcoin! Digital currencies will carry huge value in a future where runaway inflation and hyperinflation deteriorate the value of fiat currency.

Bitcoin Strategy Guide

Step 1: Sign up for a wallet

Sign up at Xapo to create your free wallet to store your Bitcoin

Xapo is one of the most popular wallet providers in the world

Sign up here


The advantage of having a Xapo wallet is the ability to see the approximate value of your Bitcoin in US Dollar. You can store your Bitcoin here or send them to a savings account to collect interest.

Step 2: Sign up for a savings account

Sign up for a Bitcoin Savings Account and let your coins grow

Magnr Bitcoin Savings Account earns 1.28% APR that compounds monthly

Sign up here

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Step 3: Buy Bitcoin (Optional)

Buy Bitcoin to add to your savings balance, the more the merrier when your compounding interest!

Coin Base is one of the largest and most popular Bitcoin Exchange

Sign up if your interested in buying Bitcoin or other Cryptocurrencies. Sign up here

buy bitcoin at coinbase

Step 4: Buy Bitcoin Miner (Optional)

You can purchase Hash Power from Genesis and begin mining Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies

Transparent mining sites and high quality software infrastructure makes Genesis a prime choice for mining

Sign up if your interested in mining Bitcoin and?other Cryptocurrencies. Sign up here

mining bitcoin with genesis mining

Step 5: Signup for a Shift Card (Optional)

This card enables you to spend the Bitcoin in your Coin Base accout

Connect your Coin Base account to a Shift Card and use it as a debit card

The ability to spend Bitcoin anywhere. Sign up here

connect coinbase wth the shift card

Step 6: Sign up with Bitly

Sign up with Bitly and shrink your affiliate links to promote referral links, the more referrals means higher affiliate commissions

Promote your faucets and receive affiliate commission from referrals

Sign up to Bitly to cloak your affiliate link. Sign up here

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Now that you have a Bitcoin Wallet and Savings Account setup you are ready to collect coins!

Below you will find a list of faucets you can use to grow your Bitcoin balances.

Your wallet will give you an approximate value of your Bitcoin net worth.

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Sign up with Moon Bitcoin and start getting Satoshi every 5 minutes!

Claim everyday and you will add 1% claim bonus for every day up to 100%

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Moon Bitcoin is one of the most reliable faucets

Simply login by using the email address you used for signing up at Xapo.

Sign up here


Sign in with Bitlucky and start earning unlimited Satoshi!

Claim as often as possible, this site produces well!

Enter your Xapo or Magnr Wallet address

This site produces as fast as you can claim, it’s worth the time if you have it.


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Sign up with Bonus Bitcoin and start getting Satoshi every 15 minutes!

Every claim you will add a 5% daily bonus!

bonus bitcoin free bitcoin faucet

Bonus Bitcoin gives Satoshi every 15 minutes

You can simply login by using the email address you used for signing up at Xapo.

Sign up here


Use the steps mentioned above interchangeably depending on your goals and interests. It’s up to you to decide what to invest and where. The sites listed above have been proven effective and highly reputable. Unfortunately, there are unscrupulous sites out there ready to take your investment.

If you decide to use Bitcoin investment sites other than what is mentioned here please check with to make sure their not on the bad list. You can also look them up on

Hey! Check out some of the popular faucets

Faucets require no deposit to participate, simply fill out the captcha to receive the reward. Be aware that most of them rely heavily on ad revenue and will want you to purchase their offers. We suggest sticking to the trusted sites mentioned on this page, the sites below pay, just be cautious of the banner ads and use due diligence when buying or participating in banner offers

BitCoin Faucet List:

Bitfun??75 every 15 minutes

BonusBit 128 satoshi every 15 minutes

BitLucky 10 to 30 satoshi every 5 minutes

Huefaucet Unlimited claims, 30% referral commission

Sunbtc 10% daily bonus, 20% referral commission

FreeBitcoin Free Bitcoin, Lottery and Dice!

Fautsy Claim 15-30 FREE Satoshi Every Second

PickAxeGame Hunt for Satoshi treasure

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