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SBLE Equipment Finance And Leasing program can enable you to secure your capital needs. We can help enhance your ability to produce a profit and help facilitate business growth. From Restaurants to heavy Construction Equipment we facilitate loans for multiple industries.

When reaching the decision that its time to buy new or refurbished equipment for your business, a few key questions must be answered:


Which type of equipment do we require, and what will it cost? How will we finance this equipment?


Will you use company operating capital? Traditional Bank Loan? Will you acquire financing through an organization that provides financing solutions for a wide array of clients and business ventures?


Our partnerships include nation-wide moneylenders geared towards getting deals done quickly and efficiently to help make equipment purchase finance a simple process.

We have the equipment finance you require, without the headache of traditional banking finance. Our clients take full advantage of our simplified application process. Giving our clients a quick decisions and funding within a few weeks instead of months.

In many cases company owners spend the greater part of their capital on equipment. Typically unaware that leasing is a less expensive and less demanding option. As the equipment is being utilized as the collateral, moneylenders typically offer lower loan fees with longer terms (when contrasted with unsecured financing, for instance).

Find the substantial advantages of purchasing or leasing new equipment while preserving low installments through our leasing program.

Additional Advantages of Equipment Finance

Increased benefits on taxes

Enhance your tax benefits for more deductions and lower rents

Risk Management

Manage your risk and uncertainty of investment. Capitalize your business assets until the level of desired return.

Cash Flow

Maintain cash flow by holding onto funds that can be directed to other aspects of the business.

100% Finance

You can get equipment financing with zero down. This is crucial if you operate a cash intensive business.

Equipment finance may help to hedge against the risk of inflation.

Equipment Finance Scenarios Include:

  • Building and Construction Equipment

  • Cars/Utilities/Business Vehicles

  • Trucking/Transportation

  • Cherry Pickers/Forklifts

  • Office and Computer Equipment

  • Manufacturing/Supply Industries

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